Q)     What are you doing at present?

DB) I am a full time entrepreneur and investor who provides technology consulting and implementation services on various revenue sharing models.

Fresh from IE and as a venture lab finalist, I had many ideas in mind and wanted to take those from the drawing board and slides to reality. But unfortunately, as any first time entrepreneur in Spain, a simple power point with no revenues in the real market does not interest any investor more than a “tap in the back”.

This made me completely refocus my strategy of raising funds with building a constant cash flow and boot strapping my own projects.  Luckily I have found clients requiring technology consulting and implementation services.

Q)     How did IE help you with your company?

DB) My basic intent of joining IE was to make a complete shift to entrepreneurship and I would like to thank my professors, program, and academic directors in helping me focus and constantly encouraging me to stick to my goal and not deviate due to the negative externalities of the European market.

I was a semifinalist in Venture Lab, which was an amazing platform for me to gain recognition and network with like minded entrepreneurs and Investors. The various events organized by IE and IE student clubs gave me the opportunity to build my network with influential investors and entrepreneurs in Spain. In fact, my first client was in a Mobile Monday event organized at IE. I am currently working with multiple clients whom I have met in similar events.

Q) Tell us a little about your company.

DB) We are a technology firm providing consulting and implementation solutions. Besides having our own product, we also design and develop customized solutions from mobile applications to enterprise solutions.

The core product which we have started to sell is an online business to business marketplace platform adhering to European accounting and taxation systems. The same is easily customizable to proven models like the “Buyvip” model in Spain. Since my Spanish clients are reluctant to make a huge upfront investment in technology, we are working on a revenue sharing model and intend to replicate the same product to different business domains and models.

We have a vertical focus on innovations in terms of mobile trends. We have developed applications for the Apple App Store and Android Market and have many more in the pipeline to complement the ecommerce products in iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android Phones. Another pet project is an android based accessibility platform based on a location solution for the blind and partially sighted people.

Q) Where is it located, employees, phase, etc…?

DB) The company is registered in India and consists of 4 engineering analysts in India and myself in Spain. With the first phase of our most recent product going live with a client in 2 weeks, we hope to move to the next phase of enhancing the product and replicating the solution for other clients in the pipeline.

Q) What valuable skills did you learn at IE that have helped you in your present endeavor?

DB) The most important skill I learnt is the skill of running a business. This involves analytical analyzing in a structured manner to achieve efficient decision making in all phases of a project rather than getting carried away by the “awe” effect of an idea. As an entrepreneur I get the opportunity to experiment with all the skills and see the results instantly. I am enjoying this a lot!

I was quite competent with technology before coming to IE, but now I have those complemented with the necessary business skills which I believe will help me in running my company better.

And last but not least, is my international experience working in a cross cultural environment at IE Business School.

Q)     Your background (where you come from, studies, hobbies, etc…)

DB) I am from Bangalore, India, and have a Bachelors degree in Engineering – Computer Science from VTU, in addition to my Master in International Management (specialization in Digital Business) from IE. I also have five years professional consulting experience with IBM Spain, IBM India, and Nokia Siemens Networks, helping clients in multiple domains ranging from retail to airports.

I love long drives, travelling, meeting new people, learning new cultures and Formula One. Go Formula One!

Q)     How did you hear about IE?

DB) I was actively looking for a business education and like anyone else was exploring the prestigious Financial Times rankings.  IE Rankings impressed me and also Madrid and Spain. Since I was looking to challenge myself out of the comfort zone of an employee, I gave myself this challenge to learn and create something in a completely new environment for me such as Spain.

Q)     What do you foresee for your company?

DB) Right now I am focusing on building a sustainable revenue stream for the company and building the delivery process and talent pool in India which we plan to replicate for different delivery models.

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