Claudia Alejandra Monroy Lafee After graduating from IE in December, Claudia Monroy (U.S.A./Venezuela) returned to Miami where she accepted a position at her previous employer: HBO Latin America. This time, she re entered HBO at a higher responsibility level, being promoted to Account Executive for the Colombian market and some Caribbean territories as well. As an Account Executive, she is responsible for promoting the HBO brand in her Latin American and Caribbean territories. This is achieved by working hand in hand with the largest cable operators in the region, to ensure subscriber growth. Claudia is also in charge of designing marketing plans to support the sales division, which is essential for HBO’s market penetration among cable operators and DTH systems. Additional activities that are part of her day to day include: implementing promotional activities, tradeshows, advertising campaigns, and incentive plans in order to achieve the company’s goals.
If this sounds as enough work, Claudia seems to think otherwise. She is at the same time working on her own personal project with a colleague. “We want to start our own marketing and advertising agency, which will provide services to local companies in the Miami area. As of now, our web page is under construction and we already have a couple of projects in the pipeline. Our goal is to implement a unique approach to doing business and we are confident that our creativity and unconventional marketing methods will set us apart from competitors. Hopefully, I will be able to share more details with you in regards to our agency, when it is at full throttle.”

Hsu Kai Ting Kai Ting Hsu (Taiwan) is currently working at GFC Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a licensee of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation. With a staff of about 1,000 employees, responsibilities range from manufacturing and marketing to maintaining the business, products, and services of Toshiba. As Overseas Project Administrator, Kai Ting is responsible for procurement and construction project management.

According to Kai Ting, “The industry and the market has relatively matured. It is competitive though limited at the same time. Businesses heavily depend on the industry of construction. Therefore, as you can imagine, our market is gradually being more and more focused on China. However, the Chinese market is even more competitive, with top players such as Otis and Mitsubishi. In the future, we have to aim in developing more products and positioning them in different segments in order to fulfill changing demands of changing customers.”

“I´m quite happy in my new position, post IE. The work load at IE was tremendous, which maybe makes my current position seem less stressful if I hadn’t undergone such a rigorous program such as IE’s Master in International Management. It was also very diverse, having an incredible mix of nationalities, which is crucial to understanding today’s truly global economy.”

Antonio Castro MuÑoz Antonio Castro (Spain) is currently Web Content Specialist for – Samsung Electronics Spain. He joined the company in May 2010 after a 7 month stint as Social Media Consultant at an online advertising agency.

Currently, Antonio takes care of all the contents published on, as well as being responsible for Samsung’s social media strategy. Basically, he ensures that Samsung’s mobile message is up to date regarding product launches, events, and public relations on the web. At present, Antonio is developing the social media strategy of Samsung’s mobile business unit in order to address the different communication needs of the different customer segments. Samsung Mobile plans to establish a solid presence in the internet, solidifying its brand as a high tech savvy brand, while at the same time increasing web and wap portal traffic. As you may imagine, Antonio has little time for anything else besides focusing on meeting his objectives.

However, Antonio says, “I´m having the best time of my life. I’m working in both the sector and activity I like the most. At the same time, I have reached a work-life balance (though sacrificing some sleep) that allows me to tour with my band during weekends while at the same time holding a very interesting job.

Himanshu Lodha (India) has recently started his own business (M.H. International). The company caters to luxury properties in India, supplying them with equipment, amenities, and also offering consulting services.

Based in Jaipur, India, Himanshu says “The hospitality industry in India is growing at a very rapid rate. The future for this sector in India is very bright, hotel chains being constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and also becoming eco-friendly. As of now, we are working on a design of new concept retail stores that are hotelier exclusive, so they can experience our products on the spot and in person. This would be a first for the Indian market.

As IE is concerned, Himanshu considers the Master in International Management program a great platform for the creation of new ideas and therefore the creation of new business opportunities.

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  1. Samsung HR

    Wow, you guys have been busy since graduating. Well done to you all with your careers. Stay focused and remember to give the readers here regular updates

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  2. Samsung HR

    Wow, you guys have been busy since graduating. Well done to you all with your careers. Stay focused and remember to give the readers here regular updates

    Samsung Careers

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