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Mission in Paris

I am currently in Paris as an exchange MBA student at ESSEC Business School. Two days before coming to the “escargot Parisian” I broke my heel; consequently, until one week ago I was on crutches. Finding a shared apartment was very complicated, my French was limited and the French I encountered seemed to not have any sympathy for my broken French and heel… I had to send over 25 emails and do a Skype interview with my roommates in order to find my apartment. As the room was empty, I had to buy an IKEA bed online, which arrived four days later.  This cost me four nights of sleep on a couch that measured 120 cm by 60 cm! As my heel was broken, I had to send my baggage by delivery, a delivery which coincided with the strike in France, so in addition to the fractured heel and sleeping on the couch for four days; I spent four days with exactly the same clothes. To make matters worse, the first day of class I was late to one of the most important classes, International Luxury Distribution, because I got lost in the subway for two hours. I arrived 25 minutes late: “typical Spanish”.

But now I’m great, the Business School has a considerable level, I am living close to Notre-Dame, I am sleeping in a huge bed, and besides making new friends, I am meeting with people I met “on the road” (people like to say Networking).

I think that when you overcome barriers, you become a survivor, and in the global world where we live in, future managers must be international, we must have studied and worked in several countries, we must have lived adversities and learned from them. We must have slept on uncomfortable couches, we must have been lost in the subway, we must have worn the same clothes for four days, we must have lived the chaos to find a suitable place to stay. This is because the managers of tomorrow, in addition to being business school graduates, must be resourceful people, always prepared not only with lessons from Business Schools, but also those learnt outside.

A la prochaine

Roque F. Adrada (current MIM student)

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