On April 21st 2010 IE Business School was invited to give one of its “master classes” at the Rey Juan Carlos University as part of the University’s Employability 2010 Tour held at the URJC Vicalvaro campus.

The theme was employability, a hot topic in the midst of the current crisis, and particularly among recent grads and final year university students. Some of these students will opt to enter the job market and others will take the opportunity to further their skills by doing a Master program that will allow them to jump-start their career when the economy stabilizes once again.

Santiago Acaso, chairman of Soulsight and one of the academic directors of IE’s Master in International Management program, started the session by talking about today’s hiring profile. No longer is it enough just to follow orders. Companies are increasingly looking not just for diligent and technically capable employees, but also socially adept individuals. They look for good communicators that can adapt to different situations, and with creative ideas, being able to come up with brand new solutions for new challenges. One way to perfect these skills is to do a master’s program. Not just any master, but one with a practical hands-on approach, where team work forms a core part of the program, along with challenging the status quo.  Santiago Acaso spoke about the MIM program and the case method (which the vast majority of the attendees were unfamiliar with). After the explanation of the methodology of the Master in International Management, it was time for Eliana El Hage (former MIM student and also currently working at IE) to speak about her experience as a student at IE and how it helped her develop her career in leaps and bounds in only 13 months.

At the end of the session members of the audience asked a series of questions. The general opinion was that what was conveyed was a different mindset of doing business, which is exactly what is needed for the times we live in – namely times to question everything and do what makes sense instead of what everybody else does.

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