On the 10th of May, 2010 once again another Master in International Management Employability Forum was organized, comprising leading executives from Shackleton, Adidas, and Publiespaña.

The theme of the day was Marketing: How to start a career and stay there…  Representatives from the three presenting companies all exposed their opinions according to their experience and the current market conditions.

The representative from Adidas talked about his own personal path into Adidas. How after studying at IE he initiated a lengthy selection process, which normally results in internal hiring. However, he managed to secure his first position at Adidas by being himself (personable and motivated) and also because of the marketing skills he gained at IE. The conversation later shifted to Adidas’ brand strategy and the different customer segments it caters to. However, the especially interesting part for the 30 attendees were the two job postings that he publicized, also facilitating his direct contact.

The representative from Shackleton (who also studied at IE) presented marketing from an agency point of view, getting into the more technical terms and emphasizing the advantages of specializing in a particular Marketing area (e.g. digital marketing). According to her experience, this is what set her apart from other marketers, and has allowed her to manage some of her agency´s most important accounts.

Finally, the last presenter was Publiespaña (also one of IE´s Master in International Management closest corporate partners, besides being one of the leading communications groups in Europe). This was maybe the most “down to earth” talk of the day, emphasizing not only work ethic (honesty) and being logical and practical. In the end marketing is about understanding the consumer, and the first step to that end is to understand ourselves and our own motivations.

The Forum was mediated by Santiago Acaso (Academic Director of the Master in International Management) and Manuel Alonso Cano (Academic Director of the Master in Digital Business), who led the questions of the interactive crowd and also offered their own experiences to complete the usefulness of the Forum.

5 thoughts on “IV Employability Forum: Marketing

  1. Tony

    Reading this post made me think how confused I once was when I transitioned from Economics to marketing.

    Looking back over the years, I finally can appreciate that marketing is both an art and a science.

    At the core is the message or content. All else, especially the technical tools and details simply help to deliver the message.

    This I’ve done here and hopefully successfully http://http://ezlocalseomarketing.com/internet-marketing-videos

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