Antonios Kypreos, MIM grad, tells us about his experience at IE and his newly formed company

Q)     What are you doing at present?

AK) Presently, since returning to my home country of the United States, after completing my IE MIM exchange period in Santiago, Chile in February 2010, my business partner (Nicholas Daily) and I have started a small investment fund called M31 Capital Partners. Our fund is based broadly on a global macro strategy, with our target client being high net worth investors with $1.5 million plus in total net worth.

Q)     How did IE help you with your company?

AK) My IE Business School education has benefited me in many ways. The IE master level education gave me the academic and practical business background in a large spectrum of business concepts, all which are essential to the running of your own business.

The skills I have gained at IE include time management, group work, investment theory, and presentation skills. These skills help me on a day to day basis with my daily job functions at our company, which are centered on client relationship services, new asset sales and acquisition, and conducting investment seminars and presentations.

Q)     Tell us a little about your company.

AK) Our investment firm is a small global macro style hedge fund. We are specialized in using the futures market for trading global currencies, commodities, stock options, stock indexes, and equities.

M31 looks to profit both from long positions (positive market trends), as well as from short positions (negative market trends). Our fund’s investment strategy gives our investment clients the opportunity to take advantage of gains in all market conditions. The fund is actively managed and its structure is positioned to quickly take advantage of the fast paced and ever changing global investment market.

Q)     Where is it located, employees, phase, etc…?

AK) We currently have two employees: myself (Antonio Kypreos) being Head of Client Relationship Management and New Business Development and Nicholas Daily (my business partner) who takes the responsibilities of CEO and Head of Trading. At present, we are up and running in terms of our fund and are currently seeking new high net worth investors.  

Q) What valuable skills did you learn at IE that have helped you in your present endeavor?

AK) IE provided me with many valuable skills that have proved extremely helpful in our new business endeavor. One skill I gained from IE was in regards to the group work experience. As an entrepreneur who must work day and night with his partner, especially in the early stages of any startup venture, being able to work as a productive and positive teammate is essential. A second skill I gained from IE was the networking experience. In our industry, networking is crucial to success. IE gave me the experience of how to network effectively, with a wide array of colleagues and business contacts around the globe.

Q)     Your background (where you come from, studies, hobbies, etc…)

AK) Prior to attending IE´s Master in International Management, I worked in high net worth investment for 2 years. I am very interested in ancient history, foreign languages and cultures. Also, I love music, having worked as a professional nightclub DJ for 4 years. In terms of sports, I try to play as much tennis as I can in my spare time.

Q)     How did you hear about IE?

AK) I first took notice of IE in the Financial Times (top ranked European business school). I was attracted to IE by its international student body and location in Madrid, one of the most vibrant cities in the world and the capital of Spain. The added advantage was the opportunity to learn the world´s third language and one the most important business languages: Spanish.

Q)     What do you foresee for your company?

AK) I see a rapid growth of our firm’s assets under management from a current $500,000 to our goal of $10,000,000 in the next 2 years. With the current world economic situation and generalized fears of global investment markets, our fund will benefit greatly. This is because our fund provides an attractive protective hedge on our client’s other investments. The fund has been designed in the ideal economic environment to capitalize on the current worldwide economic fears and its resulting downward trends.

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