Most people decide to come to IE Business School and enroll in the MIM program to gain knowledge that will make them better professionals. Others do it because they think they need the “expertise”, or simply because they want a higher salary. What most people don’t realize is that the MIM has way more to offer besides the professional and academic aspects; personal growth is one of the most important parts of the experience.

One of the first things you will learn –if you do not already know it – is basic survival: you will learn how to cook, clean and look after yourself without any help. Extra skills will be gained if you do not speak any Spanish: you will realize that barely anyone outside the IE environment speaks English. Trust me, for a few weeks going to the supermarket will be quite a challenge.

A few days after the program starts, you will learn the value of time management: there are so many things to do and so little time to do them that you’ll feel like you have to invent a way to make time stretch in your favor. Eventually, you will realize that this is impossible and will become an expert in prioritizing and organizing your tasks. You will learn even more if you have trouble with punctuality, as most professors do not tolerate tardiness.

You will then start to realize that you are surrounded by diversity. You were told you would be going to class with lots of people from different cultures, but you do not truly realize this until you start working with those people and noticing the differences that come with culture. You’ll see that you’re very different from your classmates in something as simple as the way you communicate, yet very much like them in terms of goals and aspirations. The most valuable aspect of this diversity is that – whether you like it or not – you will find yourself growing into a better, more tolerant person, and incorporating bits and pieces of different cultures into your life.

Finally, you’ll understand that a balance between academic and social life is essential. Going out and interacting with peers is as important as going to class, completing your assignments and studying, just like focusing on learning and growing instead of just getting good grades is what will truly make the best of your Master in International Management experience at IE Business School.

Laura Isabel Strazzaboschi Moreno (current MIM student)

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