This event will focus on the positioning and career opportunities that women can benefit from as a result of a changing world and growing diversity of the workplace. Several topics such as women quota and work-life balance will be discussed and analyzed in our evening event which will round off with a networking cocktail. The opportunity will be given to companies such as Allianz and Deutsche Telekom to speak about the initiatives to promote their female workforce. Moreover, a panel discussion will be held with successful women in business that will share their experiences and talk about their career paths and work-life balance.

At IE we are strongly committed to the agenda of supporting women in their transition to senior management and leadership positions. We are constantly working to make our faculty and student bodies diverse in terms of nationality, gender and world views. IE also offers Financial Aid programs specifically to help women candidates manage the financial aspect of investing in top-level higher education. As a demonstration of the commitment to diversity and the promotion of successful professional women in the workforce, IE Business School is organizing a series of ‘Women in Business’ events in different cities around the world. The first edition took place in Moscow with 150 participants and Citibank as its main sponsor. For more details please visit:

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