Remembering last year and looking forward to another amazing one.

Nokia Competition Finals

There were many amazing events and competitions and the Nokia competition certainly tops the list. Students dazzled the judging panel with their projects and some even with their green shirts whilst pitching their idea for a new and green augmented reality. Talk about a preview to our Christmas present. Other gifts to the schools´ pool of ideas were a world free of receipts, courtesy of DODEK as they tagged the company and a green social platform. The best show of hands was for winners of the first prize for their E3 a proposal to boost technology education in India by recycling computer waste and relocating it in the market. Feel free to clap as well!







MIM December Graduation

Other clapping matters included the MIM Graduation Ceremony on Friday December 17th in the Palacio de Congresos. In the hectic December the MIM Team and students had something to look forward too before the Holidays, hint: it was not final exams. The event was as joyfull as the season and a great closing ceremony for the year. As a preview to the holidays there were families united, supportive friends and professors and someone that could host even your family dinner, Dean Santiago Iñiguez who presided the ceremony.

Highlights include Antonio Rodriguez-Pina´s speech. The current President & CEO of Deutsche Bank in Spain captivated the audience with his speech filled with stories of his early years as well as accomplishments and failures and a lot of hard work. His heartfelt advice to students was to make time for loved ones and things that they enjoy doing the most no matter how busy they are. There is always time, even when there is no time, Rodriguez-Pina argued. Very good advice for this 2011.

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