Professor of Operations and Operations Area Director, Daisy Escobar takes students to the epicenter of T4 -Barajas newest terminal-, it´s operations management center.

Walking into the neuralgic center of the airport a stunned student utters “minority report” while others gaze around. Everyone tries to stick together and not disturb the natural order as the airport official explains the different areas of control. The room is science fiction indeed, gigantic screens with multiple focus points around the airport as well as data about these continually flickering. Meanwhile, operators in different sectors of the room monitor the giant screens and their own displays. In the center of all this, “the decision table”, the place where the tough calls are made. The toughest call for the students, what to focus on. That´s where Daysi and Aena´s communication specialist come in and highlight the key points in daily operations.

As if this wasn´t enough, the next stop proved equally remarkable. The baggage distribution area is a section of the airport many of us often think about yet few visit. Barajas Airport security is tight and only people who work in this section have access to it on a regular basis. Moreover, airport personnel are usually restricted to the area they work in, often passing several checkpoints before getting there. These students passed security like regular travelers and then received identifications to access the restricted areas. They got the golden ticket not for Charlie´s Chocolate Factory but for where all our suitcases go, and how does it look like? Well it’s a mix between a hot wheels toy-car racetrack and a rollercoaster.  In layman’s terms it’s a conveyor system that sorts, transports and tracks baggage. But when you are seeing baggage swoosh through in different directions it looks like magic and you think rollercoaster.

Sorry guys no pics, top secret. Just the group picture, but they sure are good looking!

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