Guillermo Vieira de Santiago (Spain) graduated this June 2010 and is currently working as an IT Business Development Consultant at Indra Sistemas SA. He started as an intern in January and remains happily employed working on different IT projects. His main focus is as co-responsible for developing new IT solutions for the Public Administration sector, especially in the Elections and e-administration markets.

 Indra is a global consulting company of technology, innovation, and talent, leader in high value-added solutions and services for different industry sectors. It operates in over 100 countries and has 30,000 employees world-wide, being the European company that most invests in R&D in its sector, being also the second largest European company by market capitalization in its sector.

Javier Fernandez Alamos (Spain) also graduated this June 2010 and is currently working for the consulting company: Axis Corporate, which specializes in change management to improve efficiency of company resources and professional development. Having started in January 2010, he has been working with Santander Group as a client, more specifically in the Cards Operations Corporate Area.

His first project was in Madrid for the GE Card Portfolio project that was acquired in the UK. However, in February he moved to Boston with frequent trips to Madrid. This relocation had to do with the project he was working on: transformation project for Sovereign Bank. Now he spends most of his time in Mönchengladbach and Frankfurt for a similar project for SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken). Although Javier is very focused on his actual work, he is in contact with other IE colleagues in regards to exporting to the USA some Spanish products.

Marcelo Esteban Calderon Machuca  (Ecuador) graduated in December 2009. He is currently the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Grupo CME (Cuenca, Ecuador). He is in charge of developing new business and marketing strategies.

His day to day involves weekly meetings with Product and Sales managers, negotiations with potential new suppliers in order to enhance the CME´s current product portfolio. At the same time he is also launching new business units within the company in order to accompany its growth.

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