There’s no clear definition for eco-chic, but just to put it in a simple way: beautiful/good looking and at the same time good for the environment. Who said that nice stuff can’t be eco?

This hype started with luxury fashion designers producing eco luxury clothes, bags, and even make-up and cosmetics products. The purpose is to target the crowd that likes to show off but at the same time stay friendly to the environment ;) This concept was later extended to interior designers and engineers, creating eco-chic furniture and eco-chic houses supported by solar energy or some sophisticated ecoenergy systems.

The latest trend is eco-chic hotels and resorts. So if you’re still searching for somewhere to spend your summer, you can try this option ;). The idea behind those resorts is nothing like the 5 star big luxury hotels that we know, even though they have a 5 star service and all the necessary amenities! 

Eco-Chic resorts are mostly formed by a few individual cabanas or tents on the beach or mountains built out of eco-bamboo, which work on solar energy. These places would be mostly lit by candles and petrol lamps with a lot of common areas and probably a garden where organic food is planted and served, a spa that only uses eco/organic products, and most probably morning and afternoon yoga sessions.

Eco-Chic rooms are generally a bit cheaper than luxury hotels rooms due to their remote locations, and most of the time they are very zen and simple with very little technology. The target is affluent people tired of the city noise and who just want to relax and get in tune with nature with no TV, cellphone, or crowd! They are for people that want to walk barefoot all day, eat well and just relax with a good book forgetting about society’s stress.

So be trendy and spend an eco-chic vacation ;)

And you, what do you think?

Eliana El Hage (former MIM student and currently Associate Director of International Development at IE University)

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