On Saturday 25th January Professor Martin Boehm, Associate Dean for Master in International Management, joined Accenture to participate in AIESEC´s Sales & Marketing Conference hosted by University College London. 

After the  morning presentations, the 60 attendees were split into groups and tasked with developing a marketing strategy to launch nappies in China…Interesting topic!  And very much like the IE experience, with diverse nationalities and backgrounds working together to formulate their strategies.  We were impressed by the imagination and quality of the presentations…not to mention the group of AIESECers who had got out of bed at 5am on a Saturday morning to travel down to London – now that is dedication!

5 thoughts on “AIESEC Sales & Marketing workshop @ UCL 22.1.2011

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  4. Western Carolina University went through a Prioritization exercise. They also relied on Dickeson’s book. Here is an interesting segment from their FAQ:
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