I am currently a student in the Master in Management that started in September. I am one of those lucky students who received a “la Caixa” grant last year. My purpose here is to share my experience with you.

In order to make the request, I first had to meet the following requirements: being Spanish and not from Madrid, having my university degree by June, and having a certificate that showed my English level. Once I had the compulsory requirements, I had to fill in a form with all of my personal data, CV, transcript, essays, reference letters and information about the master I wanted to study. I remember that it took me days to write the essays for the application. For this first screening they take into account academic qualifications, CV, interest in the planned studies, quality of the studies and reference letters. As a piece of advice, take your time to fill in the form and make a good choice of the people that are going to write your reference letters. Don’t wait until the last week to prepare it, because there are always unexpected things to arrange. Only a few of the applications make it to the next step, which is the personal interview.

My interview took place in Madrid. Before going I read a lot about this type of interview. Some people even go to special classes to prepare for these. From my experience I think that the most important thing is to be natural, and to be sure of your choice, the reasons why you want to pursue a masters, and how this degree is related to your future plans.  And of course, although it seems obvious, don’t be late. The selection committee in my case was made up of 5 people, one of whom was a representative of Fundación “la Caixa,” and the others were university professors. The aim was not to assess my academic knowledge; all the questions were about what I had written in the application. They tried to verify that everything was true and that my studies matched with my future plans. One common question that I had to answer was whether I would study the master even if I were not to receive the grant. Also, since I was attending Taekwondo championships by that time, they asked me if I would be prepared to take a break from it for my studies.

The result was that “la Caixa” agreed to finance the master for me, and is now helping to support my stay here in Madrid, which is quite expensive. Later on, I will write about it and about more ways for you to achieve this opportunity to study at IE.


Nerea is a current MIM student

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