Madrid is one of the sunniest cities I’ve ever lived in. It is rare to see two days of rain following each other. Even in winter the Madrid skies are often still blue and touched with light puffy clouds. Madrid actually has Europe’s second highest hours of actual sunlight.  

However good weather isn’t the only reason why I love this city so much. Madrid has so much more to offer; a vibrant nightlife, impressive art collections, fashion stores, good restaurants, etc.  

Throughout the MIM program I will represent Madrid through my lens. Show how it is to live in this city that has so much interesting facets. I’m starting with photos from the centre of Madrid; the first one of the partly lit buildings was taken in ‘Callao’. This square was recently made car-free and renovated to accommodate the massive flow of shoppers and tourists coming from the main square ‘Sol’. Next to the square lays my favorite street in Madrid, Gran Via. The view from Callao down to Plaza España when the sun sets is simply breathtaking. This picture shows exactly this phenomenon, a mixture of the warmth of a winter sun and interesting architecture. 

More pictures will follow, so stay tuned! 


Guillaume is a current MIM student

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