Don´t get me wrong but I thought writing a CV was much easier at first.

My first problem came when I thought about my professional career after the program: I had almost two years of experience as a software developer and my motivation for coming to IE was moving from a technical to a managerial position. The MIM program was perfect for me. It was very complete in terms of courses and also would help me become a more competitive candidate for any organization worldwide. However, everything changed after I started my marketing course…How could a completely unknown topic that I had never considered before engage me at that level? And then… it happened:  the more passionate I became about marketing, the more confused I was about my future. Should I make a career change? How could I be sure that it would not be a mistake for me? Which type of marketing career paths exist? Where should I start? Too many questions for someone who had no idea about this functional area before…

If someone could have helped me, it was my career counselor at IE! I requested a meeting with her and surprisingly she replied me immediately! We met the day after. The first thing I could feel was how passionate she was about what she does, then I thought- “This is exactly how I want to be, feeling happy for what I do, enjoying my job!…it may make sense that I make that career change…”- I was not wrong, her first advice was -“no matter whether you had experience before or not, if this is what you like do! This is the only way you will be successful and feel happy with yourself!”-, she was right. She was very nice and friendly, I felt very comfortable talking to her about my concerns. She paid attention to me and helped me prepare myself for the change: CV, blogs, interview questions…Her treatment was excellent!

Now, I am very happy with the results and I have to thank her for all the time she spent with me. We worked together towards getting my CV ready as well as some original and innovative appendices!!  I have to say that although this work came from me, it was my counselor who helped me through it!

By all means, all the efforts have been worth it. Finally, I am prepared for a change into Marketing and I am very excited about it!!


Estrella is a current MIM student

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