Last Friday all of our section, MIM S3, was nervous but at the same time excited as we had to present our Marketing Final Project. We had come up with a communications strategy for Koliseo, a newly launched website where you can buy tickets for events and also sell your own; in other words, a social ticketing platform.

We were nervous and excited at the same time because we had to present in front of: our classmates, Martin Boehm our Marketing Professor and Vice Dean of the Master in Management and Enrique Lancis, IE alumnus and Manager of Koliseo.

It was time to present! Every group did it in their own style: some in a very formal manner and others were very creative! All the presentations went smoothly, the groups managed the Q&A and as a wrap up a thank you speech from Professor Boehm and Enrique took place.

Enrique was so thankful for our presentations that he and his partners, after reading our project papers, will choose the group that best matches the brand, and honor them with an invitation to one of their events. So, stay tuned to find out which group is picked…


Marianne is a current MIM student



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