Bernardo Daza, current student of the Master in International Management class of 2010 tells us of his experience studying Corporate Social Responsibility.

Something that is very important in the business area and directly linked to companies is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It is proven that nowadays business success is not only linked to a direct market strategy. Indeed, non-market strategy is vital for business success and a great example of this is Corporate Social Responsibility. It comes as part of the ethics of a company to be socially responsible and to be aware of the implications of its actions on the environment, community, etc.

IE Business School understands this concept and offers a class on Social Corporate Responsibility in its Business Programs. A great tool for this class is the Lake Simulation program, designed by IE to make students understand the importance of CSR in the long and short term. Students learn a great deal during this simulation especially about how a manager needs to think outside the box when devising various strategies.

Remember, Corporate Social Responsibility is a must in business and at the end of the day it pays up.

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