Bernardo Daza, current student of the Master in International Management class of 2010 tells us about making the program bilingual

A great advantage that IE offers is the possibility for students to take their classes in English, Spanish or a combination of both according to students requirements and level of expertise in the language.

This is also a plus when recruiters look at your profile and realize the level of proficiency in both languages. In many cases, recruiters and companies will not ask for an extra language certificate if the candidate has pursued a formal education in the required language/languages.

For example, a student may choose to do the program entirely in either English or Spanish and there is the possibility to do the core periods of the program in Spanish and later switch to English as the language for the specialization period. This factor enhances your ability to fit into an international career and business environment.

IE offers English and Spanish classes for students after class hours in order to improve their language knowledge and level. This is a complete service offered by the staff of IE Business School that students should take advantage of.

So get ready to test and to improve your language skills while undertaking your dream business degree!

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