Bernardo Daza, current student of the Master in International Management class of 2010 tells us about the importance of making presentations in the program.

At IE Business School, students are encouraged and required to prepare final presentations for certain subjects, just like in company conferences or regular business presentations in certain industries.

IE students work in groups as is usual for these types of projects, taking advantage of the different skills and virtues of each team member, and get together all the facts, data, analysis and conclusions that are required in order to reach the spectator’ rationale, inform them and at the final stage and convince them about the analysis of the undertaken project.

This is really helpful in order to help students develop, train and enhance their presentation and communication skills which are vital in the business environment. Most of the times a great analysis, presentation and communication make the difference between accepting a business proposal or rejecting it. IE Business School really understands this fact and pushes students into developing their skills in order to be more prepared for their future business and professional roles.

A great example that I can mention for this is the Final Pitch for the subject of Entrepreneurship. After preparing a great Business Plan during the whole Term, students have to pitch it in front of potential investors and need to be ready to explain, defend and convince the public about their business idea. This really brings real reality perception into the learning environment.

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