The Elevator is a game which offers an easy structured simulation with a wide range of realistic dilemmas that may occur in modern organizations. The student begins the game, and consequently his/her career, from an entry level position at a fictitious company which should be the company of your dreams. You then have the opportunity to work your way up the company, you could even end up as the CEO!

Students will have to face different situations, and they will have to make their own decisions and see how their performance leads them to climb the hierarchy at work or not. An excellent performance could mean that a top management position, whereas if you make the wrong move, you might be thrown out.

Many students have already played the game as it fosters the class discussion on Organizational Behavior courses of our Master Programs. Furthermore, we have also launched aFacebook app so everybody is free to play The Elevator.

To access the material you can click on the following link and to access the Facebook app click on:

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