Bernardo Daza, current student of the Master in International Management class of 2010 tells us about the last phase of the program: The Final Exam.

We are approaching our final weeks of our specialization period and every student in the Master in International Management will have to make one last effort in order to become successful in completing the program. All students are required to do a final exam presentation in front of a judge panel, this project is very similar to preparing a report for a management team in a real situation. During the presentation students have to use their business expertise and learnt tools during the program to convince the panel that their strategy is viable. It is very important to be innovative and persuasive when presenting their ideas referring to a given business case concerning the specialization chosen at the beginning of the program (International Business, Sales & Marketing and Digital Business).

It will be our last challenge in a long journey, everyone is excited and a little nervous at the same time. It is time to suit-up and demonstrate our skills and everything we have learnt in the past year. As usual the Master in International Management students will overcome the difficulties and will achieve success. The Master in International Management degree has been earned and all the effort put this last year pays back.


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