Hanna TantocoI do not have a concept of Spring break. First I studied in the Philippines, where we only have one season- tropical and second, I do not think I deserve the spring break. Not. April 16-25, 2011 maybe the best days of any February 2011 MIM student. Ever since classes started last February 1, there was nothing better to talk about (apart from the exciting cases!) but Spring break plans, a third of the class came from Europe, that is why it is not surprising that they will go back home. A big chunk, although not from Europe still decided to take advantage of the break to fly back home and yet others travelled to nearby countries from Spain, while a few including myself decided to stay here in Spain. The first day, started with Segovia. The express train from Chamartin station brings you to the old city of Segovia, in 40 minutes. Then you take a short bus ride to the center, where the breath-taking UNESCO world heritage site will welcome you. I spent the day walking around the city, checking out cathedrals, museums and castles (yes, castles) and ended the day with a late lunch of cochinillo. Me and my friends took the express train again back to Madrid, with feet and legs aching and limping. Sunday for me started late, I went to La Latina for a taste of Madrid flea market, had lunch at Sta. Ana, sun-tanned at Retiro and headed to Plaza Ventas Torros for a my first ever bullfight. I left the stadium, with mixed feelings and still a greater appreciation of the Spanish culture. To cap it off, we had dinner at a quaint restaurant in Sol called Malaspina where I had croquetas and Pollo con patatas fritas. Monday was reserved for a photo shoot in Palacio Real and unwinding at Mercado San Miguel. Tuesday we went to Museo El Prado (free entrance everyday from 6 to 8pm) and closed the night with a Flamenco show at Tablao Flamenco near Plaza Mayor. Wednesday, me and one classmate watched Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo, the Strategic Management class where we discussed about blue ocean strategies actually gave me the idea and it is good that they were in town! Thursday and Friday were spent visiting historic churches here in Madrid. All in all, I had sweet spring break. But back to hitting the books!

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  3. thank you very much .i truly love your blog .keep write more and more .^_^

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