Lilian Lopez, current student in the Master in International Management program

1.       Where are you from?

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Spent 11 years in Mexico and 12 in the United States.

2.       Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I have experienced almost every natural disaster (Hurricane, Tornado & Earthquake)

3.       Why did you choose the Master in International Management at IE Business School? What do you find to be the most attractive component of the program?

In this current competitive job market I wanted to something to differentiate myself from others and at the same time keep developing myself professionally and personally. I am also extremely interested in working for a multinational company and MIM seemed the best way to help me achieve that goal.

The most attractive component of the program is the diversity of its students and staff. I wanted to get a unique experience that I knew I could not get somewhere else. Meeting people from at least 30 different countries in one day is a once in a lifetime experience.

4.      What is the START module?

The start module is a 2-week module to ensure that all the students feel prepared and comfortable with the program and group before starting the actual periods. I thought it was a great opportunity for those who do not have a business background or that have been out of school for a while to get on the same page as everyone else. The most valuable part for me was that fact that it also taught us what to expect from the program, what IE’s values are, and how to work well with others in different situations. This way, when we start the program we can jump right into the learning objectives with our professors and not waste time on logistics and administration. It also gave us an idea of what classes are like and a sneak peak of how professors like to perform their classes.

5.       What new things did you learn?

The most important thing I learned was to submerge into the IE mindset of being innovative, entrepreneurial, and open minded. Due to the fact that our program is extremely diverse with more than 40 different nationalities, we were able to explore tools that would help us work with members that may have dissimilar ways of working.  It also taught us how to implement those tools within different cultural situations.

In addition, we were exposed to all the different tools and resources IE offers such as the MIM Tool Box; which makes it easier to organize and coordinate different things such as courses information, groups, calendars, etc. The MIM starter package was another helpful resource that included introductions to several courses such as accounting, entrepreneurship, and the case method, in order to get prepared before starting the actual module.

6.       What things do you have coming up?

We have just started our first period and I am looking forward to class discussions and group projects. Students and staff come from so many different backgrounds that the ideas and thoughts people bring to the table are extraordinary. We also have the career fair coming soon, which will be a great way to network face-to-face with a plethora of businesses from all over the world. I am also looking into joining some clubs and start attending speaker events to learn about different industries and opportunities available.

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