Speakers José Luis Antón and Carlos Martín-Peñasco

How do you define excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? How has it become such an integral part of the strategic vision of companies today? How has globalization impacted the public’s awareness of companies’ actions? How can you communicate CSR in a transparent and credible manner to an increasingly skeptical audiences?

José Luis Antón, formerly of Bureau Veritas, a global leader in conformity assessment and certification services, spoke to a group of over 60 students from the Master in International Management program about these questions and more. By examining companies accused of using CSR programs to wash their identities, he demonstrated how reputations can suffer dramatically when a company’s behavior doesn’t match the purported goals of their CSR programs.  He also explained the idea behind the creation of comprehensive sustainability reporting frameworks widely used around the world, and how, similarly to accounting standards, they allow investors, sustainable and ethical fund managers, and consumers better understanding of CSR reporting data. He introduced various reporting frameworks, including GRI, AccountAbility’s AA1000, and the SA8000 Standard. Joining Mr Antón was Carlos Martín-Peñasco, Director of Development at Bureau Veritas, to speak about more personal experiences within CSR reporting.

The talk was the third in the program’s Executive Insights Series, which brings professionals from a variety of sectors to talk about their sector, company and their personal experiences.

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