Jorge López, Managing Director of 3M Iberia

What do Post-It Notes, traffic signs, iPhones, Scotch Brite sponges, and jet engines have in common? They all contain technological elements that were developed by Minnesota-based company 3M.

Jorge López, Managing Director of 3M Iberia, addressed a group of IE Master in Management students in the Aula Magna on Monday, November 7, speaking about 3M and the importance of innovation. The 30-year veteran of the company stressed the importance of creating a culture of innovation internally while making sure to remain in constant contact with customers. In all of his positions, he always made a point to get out of his office and speak to customers, from retail consumers to engineering companies to manufacturing plants. Although 3M’s business is extremely R&D heavy—investing over a quarter of its $4 billion revenue in sales in research and development—3M remains a very customer-centric company. After all, Mr. López insisted, innovation is not just doing something new, but creating something new that adds value.

Mr. López described 3M’s operations around the world, in Iberia, and finally, described his own career path up the ranks at 3M before taking questions from the very eager crowd.

On behalf of the entire MIM team, we thank Mr. López for his time! Below you’ll find a video on 3M’s innovative mindset.

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