Why is Philip Petersen dressed as a butcher?

And is that Ribal Ragheb posing as a 65-year old Spanish grandmother? Is that gentleman in a chef´s hat and bathrobe Pablo Galarraga? Is Marta Cárdenas chatting up a fishmonger? Who told Gabriella Ariza to put a turban on her head? And why on earth is Rikhia Chakraborty disguised as a cat?

MIM students took a week long pause from the hustle of daily classes and instead, spent their energy designing creative solutions to challenges faced by the supermarket industry. After an initial workshop introducing them to Design Thinking, a concept that uses the methodology used by designers to produce new products that help improve the lives of consumers, students were sent out to conduct fieldwork in supermarkets all over Madrid, from Salamanca to Carabanchel to Moncloa.

On Wednesday, students reconvened in Studio Q-17 near Avenida de America to analyze the results of their interviews and observations by drawing pictures, creating collages, and shooting videos. For example, Philip dressed as a butcher in order to reenact the sort of customer experience that his team determined would be successful for the older clientele that supermarkets receive in the mornings. Ribal was dressed as a Spanish grandmother in order to help his team illustrate the sort of customer he interviewed in an supermarket chain. Rikhia was dressed as his cat.

Finally, students presented their findings and ideas on Thursday, with the top five teams presenting to a tribunal. The first place winners, Xavi Leal, David Pinilla, Manuela Martinez, Gessica Lomonte and Francisco Sacristán, were chosen for their careful and thorough analysis, brilliant application of the Design Thinking methodology and their uniquely creative solutions. Congrats guys!

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