Antonio Fontanini

Antonio Fontanini has never stopped learning.

And he urged students from all four sections of the Master in Management program to do the same. Innovation and creativity, he argued, are the only ways out of the global financial crisis.

In a talk on Geopolitical Risks to the Global Environment, Antonio discussed topics ranging from the importance of happiness to the reasons why “Kimchi Matters” to the significance of the Baltic Dry Index.

Focusing on the phenomena that have the potential to impact the global economy, such as income disparity, corruption, food prices, and demographic pressures, Antonio deftly exploded myths about global history and presented fascinating information about emerging economies. For example, did you know China will build 70 new airports larger than Heathrow by 2050? Or that the average life expectancy in Russia is lower than that of Bangladesh? Or finally, that between India and China, there could be almost ten times as many people with a “genius level” IQ as there are people in the US?

Antonio Fontanini has a doctorate in Information Sciences (cum laude) from the University of Pisa, and is VP and CEO of Fonytel, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Erasmus Equities; Founder and Executive President of Informalia; member of the Board of Planet Capital, and has taught at several prestigious schools including IE, EOI, IDE-CESEM, and UNITEC.

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