Carrefour have stated their commitment to helping the environment

Carrefour sells over 39 million liters of their in-house label olive oils every year in Spain.

But what you won’t find at Carrefour is red tuna, genetically modified fruits and vegetables, or free plastic bags.

Carrefour Group’s Director of Marketing, Paloma Pérez, explained why to a group of over sixty Master in Management students. Carrefour, the world’s second largest retailer, which owns gas stations, insurance agencies, travel agencies and an online shop, in addition to over 180 supermarkets and hypermarkets, has insisted on their commitment to the environment and to local communities by reducing their carbon footprint, through the use of solar panels on select store rooftops, and by arranging special agreements with Spanish autonomous regions to sell and market locally produced products, often by manufacturers and producers with less than ten employees.

Pérez also talked about retailing economic and strategic theory, reinforcing and anticipating lessons learned in the classroom. Pérez, who has been at Carrefour for the past four years, was previously the Marketing Director at Ikea Spain and BMW.

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