This post has been written by Alejandro Castellan, current student on the Master In International Management at IE Business School, after attending a conference on Mobile Marketing by Alberto Benbunan, co-founder and Managing Director of Mobile Dreams Factory.

Mobile is a rapidly developing sector. According to some, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop before 2015. How are companies reacting? Primarily by developing new mobile commerce platforms, strategies and marketing efforts.

Currently, there are new technologies emerging trying to combine the real world with the digital. Indeed, the online-offline Marketing curve is really changing.  Have we seen all that QR Codes has to offer? Should we prepare to be wowed by augmented reality? Here are some predictions for 2012.

1. Quick Response (QR) Codes: We´ll see the disappearance of traditional formats and lots of new devises to experience them. QR Codes will mature and evolve from hype to a marketing must item.

Augmented Reality

2. Augmented Reality:  I really like this, and thanks to the rise of capable mobile devices, a few campaigns will break through, capturing some eyes and imagination. Augmented Reality is starting just like QR Codes, so some collateral damage with disappointing first-time users will occur.

3. Near Field Communications (NFC): The wallets have held the spotlight, for now. Competition between providers accelerates hardware penetration for mobile marketing opportunities. In 2012, total NFC mobile penetration will remain below the mainstream, creating good campaigns for niche audiences.

QR, AR and NFC are getting all kinds of buzz, but it’s not inconceivable that multiple and new technologies can succeed, given the amount of opportunities offered in offline-to-online engagements.

I leave you with a Microsoft InfoGraphic on some interesting Mobile Marketing statistics. (Some surprises here!)

What are your predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2012?

10 thoughts on “What will the developments be for Mobile Marketing in 2012?

  1. JoseEstuardo

    Interesting article, and I must say very good predictions, everything is constantly changing and these days faster than expected (technology helping technology), thanks to this we have in our mobile unimaginable things, but what’s next (QR, AR and NFC) and this is just a little that is coming, we have seen what how everything has been taken over mobile or integrating almost all industries, and its almost a MUST consider a mobile department for each company, if I want to reach consumers in an easy and straightforward way; and we know that we live in a busy and tecnology world, and the mobile products are the most intimate thing that a person can have and so this is a big opportunity that has to be taken.

  2. Vincent Jacobs

    Time and time again we have said that mobile marketing is the strategy of the future. As more and more business owners use their mobile phones for just about any transaction, the more is there a need for business to develop mobile apps. Near field communications and QR codes is just one of the technological breakthrough that we will see in the future.

  3. Steven Christian

    Hey its really useful information….Thanks for sharing….

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  5. Matias Alvarez Suarez

    Interesting post.

    It´s a fact, we are spending more time with our mobile devices than with our “fixed” devices (PC/Notebook). Mobile marketing is a huge market and I believe that new technologies will develop in the next years.

  6. Mobile Commerce

    Mobile marketing and commerce is pretty cool stuff! It’s pretty much the future of society!

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  9. Michael

    Probably you’re right, mobile marketing needs deep strategies and marketing efforts.

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