Hi Carlos! Tell us about yourself.

Hello! My name is Carlos and I am from Madrid. I´m 25 years old, I studied economics and before doing the Master in International Management I worked for three years in a bank in Spain. I love traveling, I´m a big fan of good movies and music, I like hanging out with my friends and I am a Real Madrid supporter. Ala Madrid!

What things in the news have been grabbing your attention lately?

Nowadays I am paying a lot of attention to all the economical and political news. For example, the controversial labor reform here in Spain has kept me in suspense the last weeks gathering all the information and listening to the experts, not only because it will affect my near future, but also for what it may mean for my country.

Why did you decide to join IE?

I wanted to acquire more knowledge and develop my skills. After searching for a good Master, I found out that IE Business School had the values, the entrepreneurial spirit and the international background that I was looking for.

What have been your most memorable experiences?

As I said before, I love traveling and I have to say that my best experiences have been travelling around. I have wonderful memories from The United States. Spain has a lot of beautiful places to visit and I truly recommend to visit them if you come to IE.

What do you want to do after the Master?

I would like to be hired by a multinational. However, I would also like to work for myself, so after a while I want to set up my own enterprise. Indeed, this is something that I have to thank IE for because they always try to encourage your entrepreneurial spirit!

Thanks Carlos! 

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