We are in the final steps. Final presentations are being held. Final grades will be given.

To bring the MIM students of the Feburary intake 2012 closer to companies through practical and hands on projects, this edition of the Corporate Immersion Week was composed of a consulting project based on the Design Thinking methodology for a multinational company. The goal: To enhance customer experience and thus increase the company’s profitability through loyalty and satisfaction.

The driving idea behind this concept is that a company can redesign not only its products, but also consumer experience, processes and all services by thinking like a designer – creativity means innovation.

Two of the three days are over and one thing should be clear: It’s not about what you are working on, but how! Having received hands-on and real life learning experiences, networking opportunities and an understanding of how to work under pressure, it will be interesting to see what students can actually call themselves Designers.

If you have figured out what DT, HARLL, NO and WUP stand for, you might be one of them.