Competition creates better products, alliances create better companies (Brian Graham, Coach, Baltimore Orioles)

IE Business School played host to academic and program staff from some of the top Master in Management programs in Europe and North America on March 11 and 12. This was the inaugural meeting of the new MiM Friends network, an initiative pioneered by IE and London Business School that also includes Duke University, ESCP, HEC, London School of Economics, Queen’s School of Business, Stockholm School of Economics and WHU. This initial meeting allowed the international group of MiM staffers to share their experiences, highlight the unique aspects of their programs and especially to collectively develop new strategies to differentiate the MiM degree from other business degrees for both prospective students and prospective employers.

MiM Friends seeks to create a collaborative atmosphere for benchmarking and networking and the strengthening of its presence in the worldwide management education arena as well as generating ideas to help manage and collectively promote these programs. Partners hope to foster academic and commercial collaboration among these top business schools, including the creation of dual-degree programs across schools, increased opportunities for student exchange, and many more collaborative projects. Equally, MiM Friends also aims to raise the profile of the degree, which is quickly becoming popular among recruiters, but still not as well-known as the MBA. Throughout the course of the day´s various seminars and workshops, partners noted interesting phenomenon including the rise of schools in the Asian market, the internationalization of MiM programs around the world and how at least in Europe, more GMAT takers are sending their scores to Masters Programs rather than MBAs.

Given the success of the Tapas Tour in Madrid, participants are already buzzing about the next MiM Friends networking event—perhaps Rhinelandish Sauerbraten? Plans for the next meeting in Vallendar, Germany at the WHU campus are already underway for autumn 2012.

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