“…After graduating from a large Irish Business School, I decided to deepen my education by undertaking a Master Degree. I was seduced by IE and its International Management Program mostly for 3 reasons:

First, it is a world-class Business School. Second, I wanted to learn Spanish, and finally, it is located in a vibrant city.
Still, when I picked IE, I was somewhat unsure about my choice. Today, in retrospect and after what I experienced at IE, I would definitely make the same choice and recommend IE to all my friends.

I have studied in 3 countries and worked in 5, but it is at IE where I have met the most diverse people. I think that the main difference between IE and other world-class Business Schools is the profile of the students. By profile I do not mean cultural profile but personality. I have met very bright, open-minded and interesting people. I have made many friends for life. I can now visit friends in more than 20 or 30 countries. For instance, today I am in Illinois for holiday and I am meeting a Portuguese in Chicago as well as an American and a Polish friend who are now respectively working in New York and D.C..

Of course, IE is outstanding academically as well; I have always wanted to become an academic researcher and here again I chose IE. When IE offered me to do my PhD right after the master, I signed without any doubts…” – Jonathan Luffarelli

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