Learn more about the IE Fellows Program – a program that provides award recipients with the opportunity to supplement their full-time program by participating in an on-campus project. Fellowship applications are evaluated based on the knowledge and/or expertise a candidate may be able to bring to an open project, as well as whether or not the candidate will fit within the existing project team. Applications are primarily evaluated on merit, however proof of financial situation is a required part of the application process. Completing a Fellowship project provides financial assistance of up to 50% of tuition fees, and access to a privileged professional network, both within IE and externally.

Application and Awarding Process:

1) Send up to date CV, Letter of Intent and 3 most recent pay slips to financialaid@ie.edu

2) Preselected candidates will be contacted to set up an interview with a specific project coordinator

3) Candidates who successfully complete their interviews will formally be communicated the award


For more information, just watch the video above and visit our Financial Aid Website or our Financial Aid Blog.