Space travel – think about these two words for a while and if they still appear surreal to you, don’t worry – surely you are not alone. However here at IE, innovation is the bread and butter of many classes and student competitions; thinking outside the box, about possibilities, about what could be, about the “what if” questions. Okay, maybe this is a little too dramatic, but have a look at the upcoming MIM Luxury Challenge!

The objective of this competition is to develop a viable strategy for positioning BOOSTER as a branding platform for luxury brands, keeping in mind that BOOSTER Space Industries´ vision is to enable a commercially robust spaceflight market.

Space travel has never been closer in the end!


  • May 14th Deadline to sign up
  • Week of May 21st Proposal revision and feedback session (time and place TBC)
  • June 18th Final Presentations (time and place TBC)


  • Presentation (PPT) 15 min in front of a panel + 5 min for questions


  • Teams can be composed of three to four people from the February 2012 or September 2011 intakes
  • As always, it is encouraged to work across intakes and sections in order to maximize networking opportunities and gain new perspectives


  • BOOSTER is arranging a unique experience related to the inside world of aviation and aerospace

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