This post was written by one of our Master in Management students, Mr. Alejandro Castellan

I know what you all might be thinking now, but this post is not going to talk about the new Silicon Valley Reality Show brought to you by Randi Zuckerberg… wa waa waaa. Instead, it will describe IE´s awesome, amazing and enhancing “Mega Trip” to Silicon Valley! 

A normal post would contain a looong story telling about everything we did and how great Silicon Valley is; but as I think most of you don’t really care about this, let’s go straight to the meat! Here are the top 6 things I learned in Silicon Valley while visiting companies like Oracle, Accenture, Mozilla, Intel, Google, Cisco, EA Games and Salesforce (beat that!): 

6. Always continue R&D – kind of like “keep looking, don’t settle” and “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

5. Always have a plan “B”; and a very detailed one if you are starting a company. 

4. It’s absolutely necessary to have a vision. Let me say that again – It´s ABSOLUTELY necessary to have a vision. You need to be able to communicate it and people need to understand it to have a clear objective of where to go. This is key. 

3. Take risks and embrace change – that simple. 

2. Empower employees to make decisions and ask for forgiveness, not permission. Failure is ok, it’s now called learning; what´s one more horrible decision? 

1. Have you noticed that you always remember the people that talk with passion, heart and really care about whatever they are talking about? What matters the most is to create a community that follows a mission with passion and enthusiasm (this goes back to point 4). People need to relate and love what they are doing; it´s the only way to do an amazing job, and from then on, things only get better and better. 

Most of you might be thinking now that some of these points are obvious, right? But are they? Are you constantly trying to make yourself better or just going with the flow? Do you have a plan “B” or are you just planning on having one? Do you honestly work as hard as you can every single day towards your goal or your organization’s goal? When was the last time you took a risk? What happened? To scared to fail?

Article author and current MIM student Alejandro Castellan

But most importantly, are you doing what you love?

However, this all sounds good and all but, do people like this really exist? After my visit to Silicon Valley I can tell you for sure that they do. Going to the Valley is all about one of the best advices I´ve ever had: “Surround yourself with good people!” I can sincerely tell you that IE´s Silicon Valley trip was one of the best experiences of my life; but that´s just me.

I leave you with a really cool thing called Blueseed, the Googleplex of the sea. Chao! 

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