As September is approaching soon, lets take another sneak-peak into the background of another new member of  theIE family  – Marc-Antoine Kassis.

Hola, my name is Marc-Antoine Kassis and I am a Lebanese born in Canada where I lived the first seven years of m y life before I moved back to Lebanon. I obtained a bachelor degree in Biology at the Lebanese American University and then worked for a year, as a medical representative, at a pharmaceutical company. I am an extremely athletic guy and I love sports. I was part of the Basketball and Football team both at high school and university where I won many titles. Sports have played a huge part in my life as they taught me the meanings of leadership, teamwork and altruism. By the way, I am a BIG Real Madrid fan and I can’t wait to go and see this season’s games.  Furthermore, I am a passionate piano player and composer that loves classical music.

I have passed through many experiences throughout my life, but I am sure that the IE experience will be an even bigger one. Meeting a group of new people with different backgrounds and cultures is what excites me the most and will help me grow. I started studying the preparatory course online and am also getting up-to date with the videos on YouTube to become more familiar with the school and Madrid.  Thinking back, waiting on the IE acceptance was not an easy task. Every time the mail notification beeped on my phone, I would have a “mini heart attack” before I would rush to see if it was from the Admission Department. When the acceptance email finally came, I knew that this was the moment of the truth; it felt like centuries passed when my mail was loading. However, the Admissions Committee surely knows how stressful these moments can be. So to shorten the pain, the first word of the mail was “Congratulations”; and this is when I found myself jumping all over the place filled with joy.

I am looking forward to meet everybody soon and to be able to learn from everyone’s experiences and let them learn from mine. Finally, I hope that IE and Madrid are ready for us because we are going to take this year with style.

Hasta Luego

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