Several days after our amazing trip to Shanghai, still suffering from the jet lag, I am thinking about what I should write. It takes me so much time not because I do not know what to write but, on the contrary, I do not know where to start.

During the last week myself and a group of other MIM February 2012 students, had the pleasure to be part of the city that never sleeps – I am sorry, New York, but you definitely have a strong competition in the face of Shanghai! It is really amazing to see day and night how everything in front of you is actually moving, developing, building, progressing! We visited several local and international companies based in Shanghai. Thanks to the excellent organization of IE Business School and the Master in Management department, we visited companies such as Spring Airlines, Touch Media, Tristate Holding Ltd, and Maersk. From all of them I was impressed the most by Tristate Holding Ltd., without neglecting all the others because you can definitely learn a lot from all of those companies.

Tristate Holding Ltd. is a company specializing in the fashion industry. For years the company has been engaged in the manufacturing of high-quality apparel. What is most interesting about the company is that it is the official representative of Nautica and also of John Wolfskin, a German producer of outdoor wear, in China. After realizing the success of John Wolfskin and the increase trend of the Chinese enjoying the outdoor activities, Tristate itself, in the face of Josh Perlman, managing director of the company, decided to develop its own outdoor brand that is going to be released in the end of this year. The name of the brand is Haski, inspired by the type of dog originally used in northern regions for

Article Author Ivanina Ivanova
MIM February 2012

pulling sleds. We were able to see a workshop of how their Haski store will look like – amazing outdoor wear really adapted to the Chinese customers in terms of colors, sizes and styles. It is really interesting to see how creative companies are just to get as much market share in China as possible. And believe me, 2% in their

heads is not like 2% in ours because 2% of 1.4 bln people is actually a lot! And one more thing about Tristate Holding Ltd. – amazing conference room! The best view I have ever seen – just in the middle of the city center, with a direct view of People’s Square and all the surrounding skyscrapers.

Even though a week is insignificant time to get to know Shanghai or China, we had the pleasure to meet and learn from many successful business people who have demonstrated us that in order to succeed in that huge market you first have to understand it and learn to respect China. My advice to all of you, visit Shanghai!

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