Master in Management Student, Alexander Geissler

WOW, how time is flying by! I just started in February 2012 and it’s already November. I have just a bit more than a month left for my Master in Management and, without a doubt, it has been one of the best years of my life so far. I had the chance to meet awesome people, study at a great Business School and live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.  

In today’s post I would like to share my personal experience about how my life in Madrid became even more fun. Mainly, I want to talk about why I think it is important to have a hobby while studying an intensive Master.

I believe that every person in the world has some sort of talent and that an interesting hobby can actually enhance one´s well being and carry some sort of cognitive relaxation after a long day at school.

Since I was a kid, I had many hobbies; mostly sports. I had training everyday and on the weekend it was time to go to competitions. Unfortunately, I was just above average in the three sports which I did per week, as at that time I did not understand that diversification only works in financial markets. After my high school year in Canada in 2006 I somewhat stopped with competitive sports and became a quite lazy panda.

Then one day something clicked and I realised that I needed to set a new goal for myself – an actually quite bold one. I decided to run a marathon in 3 hours while studying fulltime. The sweetest victories are the ones that are the most difficult to get! It took me 3 attempts and one year to achieve this goal. I improved my time by 35 minutes.

Looking back, I can truly say that I would not have enjoyed the master as much as I did if I didn’t have running as a hobby. It gave me the chance to restore my balance and provided me with some sense of freedom.

If you are still looking for a great hobby, I warmly recommend you to join the IE Running Club to obtain more information about the club and running in general.

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