Students from the September 2012 intake are busy finishing their exams for their second period—and after Easter Break, they’ll come back for their third—and final—period, in which they will divide up into their specializations: International Business and Sales and Marketing in both English and Spanish, Digital Business in English, and our newest specialization, Financial Management and Control, offered in Spanish. How quickly the year has flown fly! Next thing we know, we’ll be prepping the final exam!

This period has been packed with presentations, quizzes, and plenty of groupwork. We’ve also made time for some presentations, notably by Eduardo de Vizcaya, currently a Senior Private Banker at Crédit Agricole. MIM students also attended a joint conference with the IE School of Communication, delivered by Majken Schultz, a professor of Management at the Copenhagen Business School. The MIM Executive Insight Series was rounded out by great presentations by Booster Space Industries Director Balvinder Powar and Antonio Fontanini, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who spoke about “Geopolitical Threats to the World Economy”.

Finally, for the first time at IE Business School, we hosted teachers from the Centro Han, who delivered four workshops on Chinese Language and Culture to students with no previous Chinese language knowledge.

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