Hi! My name is Jasmine Youssefzadeh, and I am a 27 year-old social entrepreneur and Los Angeles native. I graduated from IE’s MIM program in July 2011, with a specialization in Digital Business, and then went on to found my own transmedia production company, filmanthropos (www.filmanthropos.com). We focus on humanizing social issues through creative uses of film and new media, and are in the process of institutionalizing offering 20% pro bono services to non-profits every quarter.

My time spent at IE was the best year of my life. The MIM program itself was very well-rounded and intense – and the fact that every project was completed in a group focus really taught me how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and with varying working habits. The most valuable take away for me, however, was the truly authentic friendships that came out of this program. As a class of 35 students that lived, worked, partied, and travelled together, we formed a very unique bond that not very many people are fortunate enough to experience.

Now having moved back to LA, my IE network of friends continues to serve as a support system for me, both in my professional and personal life.

I am now competing in the LA2050 grant challenge to win $100K in funding for my startup, and need public votes (and IE’s support!) to win. This project tackles issues with Los Angeles’s Unified School District, and aims to use media and storytelling to empower the voices of LA’s public school students, parents, and external organizations involved as a vehicle for bringing about change in the system. The current status of LA’s education system has been evaluated to be one that significantly hinders human development. Our submission argues that using a collective voice is the most effective means for tackling the issues within LA’s school districts.

Fortunately, you at IE can help! Please see the list below on how (Internet Explorer might give you some problems with the links; thus, if you have any other explorer try that one):

Three Things You Can Do

  1. Please Vote for Our Submission: Voting is very quick and simple (1 minute of your time). To vote, please visit http://myla2050.maker.good.is/projects/filmanthropos then press the VOTE button, and then complete your sign-up profile on GOOD and you’re done! If you chose to sign-up on GOOD via email instead of via Facebook, you will also need verify your vote by clicking on a link that “Good Maker” will send to your newly register emailed. Please make sure that you see a “Your Vote Was Cast” message on the voting screen as confirmation that your vote went through.
  2. Spread the Word: Please share this message with at least 10 people, and ask them to do the same. Please point your friends to the website http://myla2050.maker.good.is/projects/filmanthropos and ask them to vote!
  3. Learn More: To learn more about this initiative please read about our submission at http://myla2050.maker.good.is/projects/filmanthropos

To learn more about the current challenges in LA’s education system please visit http://www.la2050.org/indicators/education/

Thank you for helping us make an impact in education!

Jasmine Youssefzadeh

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