Participate in Alumni Events!!!

Something unique about IE is that right from day one the Career Management Center encourages students to go to alumni events. Even if it’s not a careers event per se, if you’re interested in working for that company and the director of supply chain is coming, come to the event and introduce yourself. The next day, you can send a targeted cover letter.

Last year, the Executive Director of the Career Management Center, Amber Wigmore Álvarez, was selected along with her counterpart from Kellogg-Northwestern, to present at the annual conference on Best Practices in International Recruiting. With 42% of IE’s recruiting happening outside Spain, that is a very high volume. In addition to the mandatory career sessions that students have, the Career Management center also organizes different career drives, voluntary sessions on personal branding with different gurus brought in from different parts of the world. The Career Management Center always tells students to be active and participate in alumni events.

How to Handle a Career Change

If it’s functional change, consider going back to the same company. At IE’s Career Management Center, students and alumni can talk about industry change and leverage relationships and networking. If it’s geographical change, an internship is a great way to lay the groundwork for a career change. Also, getting involved in the IE Clubs can help. Students who come in with an interest for a career in finance but they don’t have any experience in that field, are encouraged to join the IE Finance Club. If they’re interested in consulting, join the Consulting Club. Participation in clubs should be put on your resume, and shows an active passion for the area you are looking to enter.

Questions Commonly Asked to the Career Management Center

Where are graduates placed?

For those looking for information on where students have secured opportunities from previous intakes, look at the various placement reports which are published online. In each section (IMBA or Masters in Management), there is a detailed report.

What countries do IE alumni end up working in?

IE has a tremendous diversity of profiles and students coming from more than 80 countries and alumni working in more than a 100 countries. They are going everywhere. The Career Management Center is approached by a lot of recruiters because they know of the tremendous international profiles here. There is quite a lot of geographic mobility amongst IE students. They don’t necessarily go back to their own countries.

Can Career Management help me secure a visa to work abroad?

Many students coming from the non-European countries expect that it’s going to be a lot easier to get a visa because they’re studying here and that is not necessarily the situation. Career Management doesn’t provide students with visa services but it does provide them with information on firms that do.

What are current trends in recruitment?

One of the biggest trends around recruiting is the use of LinkedIn. There’s a statistic that 80% of employers will look at your LinkedIn profile before they call you for an interview. So one of the things that the Career Management Center suggest is that students put at the very top of their CVs, in addition to their contact information and email address, the public URL of their LinkedIn profile. There is an active Career Services professionals group on LinkedIn which stays abreast of what’s going on. There’s a new, powerful tool which is This is a powerful search filter for students to help them identify IE alumni that could help open doors to certain companies.  Additionally, the IE Alumni Association has an Official Alumni LinkedIn group, Twitter and Facebook which often have job postings and can be used as networking tools.

For more information, please visit IE´s Careers Blog.

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