Our CHAMPS: Jorge Farinha, Gonçalo Diniz, Luis Arreaza, Francisco Fuentes Mella, Rupert Fornell, Guillermo Antonio, Carlos Bello, Francisco Escanez, Ahmed Mohen, Moacir J. Baracho, Mike Kaz, Kiko Romano, José Fontes, Joao Pedro Matos, Christophe Le Mao, Ramón Pijoan, Lucas Monteys, Francisco Micheloto, Andrés Mendoza, David Fernandes.
Coach: Ignacio Comella

This past weekend the IESE Spring Games, one of the most important sporting events for MBA student athletes, was held. IMBA graduate (2011) Rupert Fornell reports:

This was my third time participating in the IESE Spring Games, but the challenge was the same as ever: to be the Men’s Football Champions. This title has always eluded the IE alumni team, until this weekend. Being part of the IE alumni team has had its ups and downs, but our final results were more than worth the hard work.

We first played against Bocconi from Italy, winning 3-1, and followed that match with a victory over ESADE with a result of 4-0. The last classifying game was against IESE 1. We played Saturday, April 27 at 19:00. Since we knew we had already classified for the finals, our coach, Ignacio Comella, rested several players so that they would be ready to tackle the semifinals and finals. We lost the match, 1-0, placing us in second place in the group.

On Sunday we faced the biggest challenge yet: the semifinals against IESE 2, followed by the final against IESE 1, the only team we hadn’t yet beaten. Yet being the key word! We won IESE 2: 1-0, and IESE 1:3-0.

I can’t deny that our 3-0 victory was incredibly rewarding. Our success was due to Ignacio and our international team of 19 players from many countries such as Venezuela, Portugal, Egypt, Andorra, Mexico, Canada and Spain. The most important aspect of the experience was our effective teamwork and networking, as well as our determination.

As our competing teams said, we’ll see each other in Madrid at the October championships! I’m sure the good times and friendships will continue. But for now, I can’t stop saying… WE’RE THE CHAMPIONS! And I know the whole IE community will share in our happiness and be proud of us!

Interested in joining the IE Football Club? Click here for more information.

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