This post was written by Jad El Jamous, a MIM Alumnus who entered the Venture Lab.

I came into IE with high expectations, but what I got from the school and the city exceeded by far any of them. This blog post aims to shed some light on my experience in the MIM program, on IE’s entrepreneurship scene and how getting into IE helped me pursue my passion and transformed my startup dreams into reality in almost less than 2 years. 

IE is an assortment of ambitious international students, talented professors, state-of-the art buildings and classrooms that blend together to form a community of people looking for a great experience that will help them learn, spread their values, and become successful.

IE not only teaches business & entrepreneurship lessons, but also shapes you to become what you really aspire to. At IE, networking is a must! Here, you can meet like minded people who are into almost anything you can think of: those who are planning to build the next billion dollar startup, those who are thinking of taking over their family businesses and expanding internationally, or those who are just looking for an awesome job that fits their personality. Each new person you meet will introduce you to a different world. In the meantime, those amazing people from all over the world will become new best friends that you will keep for years to come.

The MIM program itself is a rich and intense environment that allows you to learn a bit of everything and then define what you want to pursue. My ambitions were always related to startups and the future, so I chose the Digital Business track of the MIM as a specialization period. There we learned all about technology trends, challenges of digital media, digital marketing tools, and got a clearer look into the business strategies of companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. We learned about all those opportunities that people are pursuing and that we should essentially be doing the same.

We spent countless hours trying to solve real life business cases, working on projects, and attending the many club events and conferences that are happening every day. While IE has an intense study environment, the people around you actually make the learning process enjoyable.  Speaking about fun, Madrid is a magnificent and lively city.

This may sound like an odd story, but an IE class is also where our startup Remini was born: when Eddy, now co-founder of Remini, was sitting next to me, randomly thought of an idea and shared it with me. I thought that it sounded cool at first, but now has become my full-time job and my passion: Reliving memories while you’re out there making new ones!

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