This post continues to explore the experience of Jad El Jamous, a MIM Alumnus who entered the Venture Lab. Make sure to also read the first post to understand the full story.

[…] Remini, a mobile app soon to be launched, wants to find signal in all the personal experiences that are out there on social networks, only to send them back to you as you return to the location where they happened or while hanging out with the friends you shared them with ( The best part is that you can remind friends of valuable stories and reconnect with those you would otherwise lose touch with.

It is IE’s entrepreneurship spirit and focus is what got us thinking that building a startup is a great risk to take, and that we should take advantage of IE’s network and everything it has to offer and go on a quest to satisfy a need in the online market.

Thanks to IE, 2 months after graduation Eddy and I ended up in Rio de Janeiro, attending the n.1 business school in Latin America, COPPEAD-UFRJ as part of the BBE exchange program. But Rio is also where our startup was really transformed, during 3 months, from just an idea to a business plan, following intense daily brainstorming sessions that would last hours and hours!

At the same time, we were competing in the IE venture lab, which is one of the biggest advantage of joining IE. Venture Lab is a competition that gives students the chance to develop start-up projects. The winners get to pitch in front of many investors from around the world at IE Venture Days, which happens twice yearly in Madrid. Nevertheless, in the range of 2 years the venture lab went from a small conference in Madrid to a large investor forum for all IE Alumnis around the world, helping them grow their startups and gain visibility in every corner of the world. Furthermore, Venture lab organizes trips that put you in the center of the startup action, and in the heart of Silicon Valley.

After coming all the way from Brazil to Madrid in November 2012 to do a 1-minute elevator pitch at Venture Days, Remini became runner-up finalist in the venture lab competition. But it didn’t stop there! Remini got to be part of IE’s Area 31 incubator. Area 31 is the newest addition to IE’s campus. This beautiful space now boasts a co-working space for incubated teams and for venture lab participants, meeting rooms, and a garden. It is home to most of the school’s entrepreneurship events and hosts the venture network, a weekly pitch slam where we get to watch other ambitious teams trying to prove themselves and their ideas.

We learned that building a startup is a hard road, as you are creating something out of nothing and pushing it into the market, hoping that people will love your product. But who else to support you and give you feedback other than the 300+ new friends we made in our Masters year at IE and in Area 31? And what else to guide us than the countless business lessons taught over the 10 months period in the MIM?

Most of new students will join IE for its ranking as N.1 in Europe by the Financial Times, but that should not be the only reason.  Many more will come to IE to make their story, while making sure to never leave any memories there behind, and to stay in touch with all the great friends made during that year.

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