1My name is Stephany Rossi Snyder, and I was born in Florence, Italy, and I was also raised and educated in the US. As an undergraduate I studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature as well as History and Science. Considering my background, it is easy to understand why transitioning from Philosophy to a graduate Business degree at IE was not an easy shift for me to make.

I discovered IE through a family friend who gave me a list of the top Business Schools in Europe. IE’s reputation in addition to its location interested me and I decided to fly to Madrid in order to attend an Open Day. During my visit I was impressed not only by IE’s administrators, staff, and the MIM facilities, but also by the alumni that spoke about the program. Watching each of the 6 or 7 students talk about their experiences at IE gave me a tangible and exciting perspective, and it was after that event that I realized IE would be a great fit for me.

My experience in the MIM program was all encompassing, intense, and concentrated throughout the program’s 10-months duration. At first I felt a little overwhelmed. However, I soon I realized I had the support of the staff, and, most importantly, of my new classmates. We were all in it together, overwhelmed together, confused together, but also excited about our program and about working together. I was surprised and impressed by the way we all bonded, and how eager we were to help each other settle in (posting on Facebook and Whatsapp groups everything from additional helpful reading material to which are the best sushi restaurants in Madrid).

This spirit of connecting was especially important concerning the academic side of the program. The MIM gives a well-rounded approach to subjects that relate to Business, and the intense group work assures that you are learning from your peer’s experience. This is why friendships and teamwork were essential for me during my time at IE. Coming from a Philosophy background, I needed to learn more about certain basic subjects than my classmates in order to keep up with the program. The majority of my peers supported me and helped me understand new concepts- my team members played to my strengths and helped me work through my weaknesses, while my close friends volunteered their time studying with me for all of the Accounting and Finance exams.

Talking about the special friendships I’ve built during my time at IE brings me to another important part of my experience in the MIM: the many new things I also learned about different cultures, countries, and people. Seeing the number of nationalities represented in the brochure or the website is remarkable, but it pales in comparison to experiencing it yourself. I have learned so much about other cultures and their values and habits across the world during my ten months in the program. My closest friends are German, Lebanese, French, Mexican, Spanish, South Korean, Portuguese, Colombian, and more. Being exposed to people from so many backgrounds during the MIM program was priceless for me. More than this, my friends were open and eager to share their stories and proud to share their cultures. I have been told I have a house to stay in almost everywhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East…[…].

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