[…] Finally, the two international exchanges that I participated in this year were particularly important for me. I remember that during the open house one of the alumni speaking commented that IE offers you many opportunities, but it is up to you to engage in them. When the possibility of doing a short exchange with London Business School came up, I applied right away. This was one of the best decisions I made during my time at IE. In the course of three days I learned a great deal from other MIM students as well as from our peers in LBS. Later in the month we hosted the LBS students in Madrid, and some of us have kept in touch.

I also decided to attend the Innovation Exchange in Silicon Valley, a weeklong tour of the top companies with lectures given by leaders in the industry who are connected to IE. This exchange did two things for me: it created a stronger bond with the other students in the group and it inspired me to work for a start-up, which is what I am doing at the moment. The people we met in San Francisco felt so much passion for their professions that they did not speak to us about their jobs- rather, they referred to their careers as their “passion, life, and mission.” It was a truly inspirational trip and the reason I am working to move to San Francisco in the next few years!

To conclude, my experience at IE changed the path of my life, and this change includes not only my career, but also the personal relationships I have developed. Even though at times if felt like an overwhelming experience, I cannot think of anything else I could have done during these past ten months that would have inspired me as much or taught me more. I am grateful to all the people who encouraged and supported me during this time, including my family, the MIM staff, and my close friends. Special thanks to all of you! Now, I am off to start a new and exciting chapter in my life, while keeping all the people I met close to my heart.

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