IE and the Master in Management always look out for innovation and the latest trends in the business world. As some of you may or may not know the social media phenomenon called Twitter has gained power and relevance in the interaction between businesses and its customers. Understanding the scale and scope of this tool and being part of the movement is what we want!

We have given our students, candidates, and everyone involved in the MIM community the opportunity of building a personal brand in social media with a positive impact through our #hashtag initiative.

twitter-iconFor this reason, we have launched the use of our own Master in Management hashtag #ieMIM on twitter and so far it seems to be working quite well! Candidates and students have tweeted live so far at events such as:

  • Master in Management Open Day 
  • Ambassadors Program training 
  • Alumni forum 
  • Specialization keynote presentation 

…Among other daily activities of students, staff, and academic team!

Spread the word about our new #ieMIM hashtag and always remember to mention @IEBusiness along with your hasthag.

Happy tweeting!


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