Our Master in Management graduate, Matthew Roy, shares his experience participating in the I-LEAD Program whose key unique value proposition for students is:

– To participate in experiential and reflective learning in an international context
– To engage in a dynamic forum with leaders in industry, government and academia
– To exchange knowledge and experiences with peers
– To develop life-long international networks

Also, one of the unique elements of I-LEAD is “I-TEAMS” which gives each participating student an exclusive opportunity to work closely with graduates from other leading business schools.


In Matthew’s own words, he describes the I-LEAD Program:

“During my studies at IE, I acquired skills to help me succeed professionally. During I-LEAD, I realized many other things are needed. First, passion. Everyone involved in the program seemed to absolutely love his/her work. From the person who sold endoscopic cameras to the host of dedicated volunteers (who received no explicit compensation), from the Fire chief who battles wildfires and rescues cats to the lady who manages a drug-injecting center, they all beamed when relating their experiences and were happy to share insights gained from their fields.

Work-life balance is also important. This term has become overused, but several of the speakers demonstrated what it really means. For the VP of Cisco, it meant pausing his job to care for his wife. For someone else, it meant “needing” to return to work after having a child. As I navigate my career, this focus on family is something I`m going to keep in mind.

Finally, “know yourself.” Everyone is born with inherent tendencies, for example, communication skills. During the amazing race challenge, my team was paired with a special ops commando. He asked some members to not speak and to communicate through another person. Even after being given permission to talk, these people stayed mostly silent. No one person can be good in everything. Creating an efficacious team requires a variety of personalities.

These are just a few of the things I picked up during I-LEAD. I didn’t know it was possible to learn so much and meet so many people within one week. It was a real privilege (and a lot of fun) to represent IE and the MIM during this program. ”

Please check out the video of the I-LEAD program 2013!

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